Sesquicentenary Choir Performance
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World Premiere of 'Where the Waters Meet'

Horse Paddock, Woolwich, Sunday 20 November 2011

Listen to performance here

Practice in Hunters Hill Town Hall

Practice in Town Hall
The afternoon began warm and sunny. At this stage, the choir was warming up in the safe surrounds of the Hunters Hill Town Hall.

Choir on Horse Padddock stage

Choir on Horse Paddock stage
By the time the choir – formed by the Joubert Singers with several guests – began its performance, the clouds had enveloped the sky and strong blustery wind had made conditions for both singing and listening difficult. In fact, the SBS Youth Orchestra which was due to follow the choir had to be cancelled as the conditions deteriorated into rain and a howling gale.

Pat describes the performance

The performance began with a wordless version of ‘Tune from County Derry’ background to Pat Foley’s verbal description of the choir’s pending performance.
Rachelle greets Matthew Lizy and Matthew
Pat introduced Matthew Orlovich and Elizabeth McGeorge, the composer and wordsmith respectively, of ‘Where the Waters Meet’.
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The world premiere performance of ‘Where the Waters Meet’ followed in the deteriorating conditions. The audience, strewn around on the grass in front of the large stage, sipping wine and nibbling from picnic baskets, listened attentively. Despite strong competition from the elements, the choir did justice to this inaugural performance of the work, in its intended setting.

Final piece was 'All Is One and One is All"

Choir RHS
The final piece, ‘All is One and One is All’, also by Matthew Orlovich, evoked the sounds of the native wildlife in the surrounding bushland.

At the end, congratulations!

Leaving Stage
As the weather continued to deteriorate, the choir finished the performance and exited the stage to a rousing acclamation from the audience. Hunters Hill Mayor, Sue Hoopman added her congratulations to all those involved in bringing the work to life.
Report by Kent Fry, photos by Kent Fry and Elizabeth McGeorge. Audio recording on the video by Greg Ghavalas.