Out of Africa: A Celebration

The Joubert Singers were invited to sing at the Out of Africa performance held at All Saints’ Church in Hunters Hill on 25 March.

All Saints Stained Glass

The occasion was a musical salute to African migrants’ contributions to Australia and a Harmony Day initiative.The event was organised by Rotary Hunters Hill in association with a number of local organisations.

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The program included a diverse group of traditional African drummers and dancers. The level of skill and energy displayed by them left the audience spellbound.

Choir Action

The Joubert Singers showed their versatility by singing a selection of African songs unaccompanied, all in the original African languages! They finished their performance with ‘Where the Waters Meet’ by local composer Matthew Orlovich.

Male Choir

The performance was sold out, with standing room only; a tribute to the novelty of staging a taste of African culture in suburban Hunters Hill.

Text by Alison Fry.
Pictures by Sue Liu from Zulu Communications, ©2012 Zulu Communications.
Used with permission.